The Antelope Junction Rangers is a Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) member affiliated club. As such, we follow many of the SASS rules that were created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.

While every sport has it’s unique rules and regulations, SASS prides itself with 3 fundamental rules by which all members participate:

1. Be Safe
2. Have Fun
3. Refer to rules 1 & 2

The Antelope Junction Rangers organizes a weekly practice session as well as a monthly match. We stage our practice/fun matches and our main monthly match at the Wyoming Antelope Club facilities in Clearwater, FL.  Please click here for directions.

Play Cowboy ever FRIDAY night (usually 4 stages) weather permitting. This is an organized practice session with live fire on reactive targets…that’s about as real as we can make it. Click here for more details

– 2nd Saturday of every month
– 6 Stages
– Sign-up @ 8:30
– Mandatory Shooters Meeting @ 9:15
– Lead flies @ 9:30 and keeps flyin’ until around 2:00 PM
– SASS Member, WAC Member or just a cowboy or cowgirl: $10.00
-Special couples pricing: $15 ($10 + $5)

-New frequent cowboy program: Shoot 5 matches, 6th match is on us  (present your free Frequent Rangers Card when you register)
– Juniors always shoot free
-Food & Drink will be available at the clubhouse
– Bar will be available after guns are put away

The Antelope Junction Rangers is a volunteer group dedicated to preserving some of the old west right here in Florida. They include:

  • Hombre Paul – Territorial Governor
  • Horrace E. Rider – Match Director 
  • May Eye Rider – Match & Training 
  • Roadrunner – Co-Secretary/Treasurer & Scores
  • One Shot – Website Administrator
  • MOOG – Scoring and Website Administrator