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Ranger Posse News

The next AJR monthly match is scheduled for December 10th set up on the 9th at 6:30pm.

If you are not ready for a match or just can’t make the match on the second Saturday you can always come and play on Friday nights. We can check you out to make sure that you won’t hurt yourself or anyone else then jump in we we are comfortable with you and your are comfortable with the rules and procedures. If you’re a pro CAS shooter that won’t take long and you can shoot on any Friday night besides the 2 Friday of the month.



Friday Practice Sessions

Friday night practice sessions, set up starts around 6:30 pm and we start shooting at 7pm.

Practice Schedule every Friday night at 7 pm, except the 2nd Friday of the month.

Come Join us for practice or to get started in CAS.

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Match Results

Want to know how well you shot? Review Antelope Junction Rangers match results.